Monday, January 19, 2009

#112-365 From the Sea

Five more of my Fence art postings to go, then I will get down to photography for it's own sake. This section shows some of the less glamorous species of marine life that abound in this area. To the left is depicted a box jellyfish that has stinging barbs that have been known to kill small children that get wrapped in them, I have been lucky in that I had one lone tendril come in contact with my right index finger while fishing in Darwin that left me in agony for over a week. I have seen adults that have had their bodies encased in these tendrils and they will wear the scars for life, LOVELY. Don't worry though there are plenty of signs warning of these, but be really careful of the Irocongi Jellyfish it is miniscule by comparision and has a deadly nerve agent as its toxin, but again no need to panic it doesn't eat people, it can however kill them in about half an hour without treatment. Come on come out to Australia, we live for the Beach. The small fish off to the right depict things like Bream, Mangrove jack and Luderick pound for pound the best fighting fish in the world but they rarely grow over three pound. If you want fishing go north and have a go at Barramundi, I hooked a 47 pound Barra that took me two hours +/- to land but mind I don't skull-drag with boat hawsers. The last Denizen may very well draw you back if ever you get to taste it, this is the Famed Mudcrab, best eating crustacean I know of, kills lobster, or any other Crab for taste. But if you are in Darwin and get invited to take part in a barefoot crab tying contest, check your medical insurance, they can't do any permanent damage unless toes, fingers and the like are important to you, but they are delicious.

Again respect the art and cherish it and the world around us


Candyce said...

once again amazing stories - unbelievable stories of the jellies here in NJ they are just annoying! and they sting a little nothing like that! The paintings are amazing

mljrbg said...

Thanks for another segment in your very interesting explanations.

SysterLilli said...

Love your stories! Good thing that we have not got just any jellyfish here in Sweden. Not that kind you got in Australia anyway. :)
That barefoot crab tying contest seems to be absolutely carzy. ;)