Monday, March 2, 2009

Smaller image of staff of life

Sorry guys I forgot to re-size the image properly for
the blog here it is in a more manageable size.

Thanks all for the hints I asked for that is just what I need. I need more follow up on the white balance issue because when I tried to change it to give the walls a white appearance I got washed out colours on the bread, so I made that my main focus, please email me if that was wrong I don't want to bother the others here who know about this. With regard to cropping, I was trapped between concentrating just on the bread or giving some perspective to the entire shot, and I felt that too tight a cropping detracted from the shot (In My Opinion (only)) I did play around with it. In fact if it hadn't been a busy shopping centre and I had unlimited shots I would have tried for a front on shot, but that wasn't possible so you takes what you can get.

With regard to asking permission for shots, I always do and without any guilt. I have only had two knock backs, one from a Mum with kids (understandable) and I applauded her choice, which made her feel good. The second was a mobile coffee van whose van I had already snapped it being on the road, but when he came back I asked he replied " I'd rather Not!" being a salesman I couldn't resist and retorted, "Turning down free advertising?" he snapped "I said no!" so I showed him the shot I had taken of his van and showed him me deleting it. Then asked if he wanted to go on with the altercation, got no reply and left.

It's all Learning - The Whole of Life!


Debbie said...

So long as the bread looks good and it sure does! I could eat a loaf of this golden bread!
I got in trouble when I photographed the bubble gum machines in the local food store!

Linda said...

I like the crop. The bread looks delicious. Do you have/use a gray card. It has done WONDERS for my white balance. Of course, most of the time, it's impractical or I forget, etc., but when I do use it, it works wonders.

Anonymous said...

Hey, Ron, I love the wide perspective you took. Your reasoning makes perfect sense to me. If you'd been permitted more shots, it would have been fun to try some tight crops, but given only one, this is the one I would have gone with. You can always crop from here if you choose to play some more.

Anonymous said...

The bread is a good shot for the theme, Ron. And I admire your courage asking to take shots - I'm often reluctant to do so, except, oddly, at festivals or when I'm travelling!

Good shot.

Clara said...

This is great, Ron. I love the wide shot. The details in the bread are good. A gray card is the best way to get your white balance under control.

~Val said...

Yummy! Looks like you hit the jackpot on the bread cart!

SysterLilli said...

What a great interpretation! Great angle and the bread looks delicious.