Monday, October 5, 2009

#124-365 Goal

Yesterday I went into Brisbane to try and get a shot of the Spiegeltent, supposed to be magnificent, I don't know as they had pulled it down! That is one goal unattained, but I spotted another, smaller tent - (Photo to follow) which housed the Da Vinci Exhibition which had extended for one more day. Entry Price was a bit steep but I steeled my resolve and tightened my belt, and parted with the cash!

Needless to say there were literally hundreds of images on hand (Photography was permitted - Otherwise I would not have entered) and you shall be subjected to a few of them in the weeks to come but this on IS FIRST, because I achieved my Goal - I TOOK A REAL PHOTO!

Let me set the scene, There was a defined flow of patrons, so that we could all get to see everything, and with one or two exceptions (Who felt both the barbs of my tongue) everyone just followed around like sheep and we were all happy (Generally) from a photographers point of view, all that was required was patience, which I must have displayed in such a remarkable fashion that God rewarded me.

While waiting for another shot I heard this mother explaining to her Ankle Biter how a hydraulic screw worked, (I thought it was Archimedes - but what the Hey) The kid just didn't get it, "the thing pointed down how could the water go up?" So Mum decided to give him a hands on demonstration, and I had my camera pointed the right way when this kid had his Eureka!!! moment and if you enlarge the first shot enough you will see it in the beaming face of my best Photo Ever. Of course the Kid had achieved his Goal too - He had got water to rise in a most unexpected way, the second shot shows that the moment was not going to go away for him, Mum achieved her Goal, she had convinced her Son that she knew her Beans! The organizers had achieved their Goal and got their grubby hands on my money, but who cares about that, I GOT MY SMILE, and to my mind it beats the one your going to see tomorrow, Hands down!

(Of course I went across to Mum and explained my actions, but she wasn't fussed in the slightest, even saying that she had hundreds of shots of the smile as he seems to greet every new experience with the same vigour and enthusiasm, she lost him twice in the next half hour, guess where she found him, yep,pushing people out of the way so he could make the water go up!)


Chesney said...

Now that is a smile you don't get very often....I love how inquisitive kids are at that age, they are like sponges and soak everything in...I also love the fact that they are easily entertained (as I think you are as well)! :)

Anonymous said...

This is your most precious story ever!! What a delightful photo and tale, not only of the child, but the mother as well. Not even to mention your ability to know what was was about to happen and to be prepared!!! I like the punch line!! Nice job!!!

lijola said...

I saw this in Fort Worth awhile back. I thought it was great! Your photos really captured the idea behind this exhibit. Great!

Anonymous said...

Patience pays off big time! I love his look of delight.

Anonymous said...

Your best shot and story yet in my book- now you have to go even farther (or is it further?)