Monday, November 23, 2009

#012-365 Antique

This is an antique by any description that matters and although it doesn't pertain directly to Aboriginal Culture it does come from Vietnam and has origins in China (another Ancient Culture). This is thereby suitable to fulfill my posting reqirements for the challenge as I can tie it in with this weeks little series, in so far as Anthropologists seem to be of the opinion that the ancestors of the Aborigines originated in China and came here via a land-bridge that would have included land that is now called Vietnam among many others leading to the Malaysian Peninsular and down through the Indonesian Archipelago. These suppositions of the origins doesn't gel with me as the Dreamtime legend indicates that the Aborigines originated HERE!
Considering that the last Ice Age ended 10-12,000 years ago, and the average duration of an Ice Age is around 40-80,000 years, they need to come up with another explanation as there is carbon dating of material from Mungo in the Victoria, South Australia border area, that had direct descendants of todays inhabitants of that and surrounding areas living there by the shore of (a long gone) Lake Mungo, over 40,000 years ago. Well that is enough for now, more affiliated posts today!


Chesney said...

What a find, I am loving this guy, a little quirky, but right up my alley!

lijola said...

Amazing history. And certainly a unique find.