Sunday, October 4, 2009

#121-365 Ghosts Ghouls and Bunyips

Walking down by Humpybong Creek a few weeks back, I snapped this shot of the culvert that allows it to flow under Anzac Avenue, as I turned away hoever I caught a glimpse of a different scene. So I rushed home, did some research, got out my trusty old "Latent Eschatological Metaphysical Parallel Polarizing Aperture Filter"
Waited till Dusk crept back and here you see what was really going on under that roadway.

Now we don't have Goblins here in Australia so I thought I should give you a glimpse of one in its Natural Habitat, and I did learn from the Muppets that a Bear's Natural Habitat is a DeSotto, but I would never have guessed that these supposedly Mythological Creatures (Now Disproved - You have the Photos) would live so close to a major urban thoroughfare. Lets just keep this to ourselves shall we as I wouldn't want the great unwashed down there bothering these kind souls, I mean they must have wanted to stay hidden for a reason.

Hey what a Year of Discovery First the Radioactive Dinosaurs in Oops now this!


Chesney said...

I bet they are down there w/ the loc nest monster... :)

BobbieCoughlin said...

Silly Ron--goblins are everywhere!

~Val said...

Ron - you are one of a kind - as are your photos! I like the colorful one in the center particularly well.

Anonymous said...

Trying to play catch-up as I have been absent from commenting.

Have browsed your last few posts and as usual, they are exceptional. Especially this last one. It goes over the top!! :D Nice photos though. Don't let the goblins get you.

Just hope your wife doesn't have complications from her bravo attempt at retaining her youth. I don't enjoy pain enough to endure one of those tats.

Brita said...

Wonderful post! I agree with Val, you are one of a kind.

lijola said...

Hmmm, you have quite an imagination. Very unique find.