Wednesday, September 2, 2009

#228-365 Patriotic

Now this is a really strange one so bear with me. Today is the first Wednesday in September (In Oz) and this day has been designated "Battle for Australia Day" (in recent years) it is a new initiative and I for one support it. You have all heard me express pleasure at the outward pouring of Patriotism that American display. I have always thought that Oz as a nation would benefit from the same sort of display by the populace in general.

Today I went to the local Cemetery intending to photograph the Returned Services League (RSL) Memorial in full regalia - Nad, Nix, Nothing, Bugger All, not even a flag on the flag poles. (Got Angry) calmed down a bit after asking one of the grave diggers "What Gives?" he hadn't heard of it but said "Shame we need more of that!" Got my head together and went down to the RSL Club where I knew there would be flags flying, and snapped them. Seems Mother Nature hadn't heard of the day either - No Wind. so rather than use stock footage, I snapped them tight to the mast and added them to the photo I took. Happy with the processing, Disgusted with public attitude.

Now some Chest Beating in support of the day. Not trying to take anything away from the U.S. of A when it comes to the War in the Pacific, and in fact the airstrips used were built by US Engineers, but, the Battle of Australia day focuses on the Battle of Milne Bay which constituted the First Loss suffered by the Japanese Forces, since they entered the War. During the Battle of Milne Bay Only Australian Combatants faced the Enemy, in some of the worst conditions the Jungles of Papua New Guinea could throw up. Admittedly they were fighting right on our back door which must have lent them some strength or resolve but they did "The Job". On the day set aside to remember their deeds, all I can say is a Hearty Aussie "Bonzer Bewty Diggers" to our heroes of the past. There is One Australian who will bristle with Patriotism on this day every year. Yes the Yanks done good but hey we were in there swingin too and pound for pound we acquitted ourselves with pride and renown. Aussie, Aussie, Aussie, Oy Oy Oy


tterlyn said...

Sorry you didn't get what you wanted there. It's so frustrating. But the shot is great anyway. Great color too. So perk up there Matey.

alibony365 said...

Beautiful Memorial and the placement of the flags is a nice touch. Thanks for the history lesson, too, Ron, about the Battle of Milne Bay.

Chesney said...

Wow, after that commentary I would be flying my Aussie flag today (if I had one)! Wonderful image to depict the theme, and what a beautiful memorial! :)

erica365 said...

Really nice image Ron- great composition. The small image on the page doesn't do it justice- there's so much great detail here.

ellens365 said...

Good to hear such heartfelt love of heroes. Full sized this shot has great detail, well done!

lijola said...

The shot is lovely anyway.

klsbear said...

This setting is worthy of return visits, to capture it in different seasons and weather conditions. The sentiment on the memorial says it all. It would be fascinating to see it in stormy weather with the flags billowing and stormy skys behind.

Iona said...

You don't need my comment, but will leave one anyhow.

First, thanks for reminding us of Australia's involvement in WW II. Your narrative was excellent, as is the photo. Thank you.

"Lest We Forget:?? Looks like some may already have, although the flowers on the fence belies that thought.

I'm glad you were spurred to add flags to this photo. Just shows your support for your country.

I'm sorry that you were disappointed. Australia is remembered here in the US for their involvement in the war - which was glorious!

Perhaps a letter to the editor of your local newspaper is in order. At least you'd feel better if you wrote one.

Or perhaps contact your local VET's group. Don't know what you call them there. Maybe you could build a fire under them for a service next year and start an institution. :D

shadowsandhighlights said...

That's a great story and history lesson Ron, thanks! This memorial is all the reflections
in those flower holders and your wonderful composition. 'Lest We Forget'.....beautiful.