Wednesday, December 16, 2009

#065-265 Cookery

Was almost tempted to go back to the Greek festival for this one, but then remembered the Kakadu trip and the fishing regulations, pinned up on the wall of the Bark Hut roadhouse. Rather than show two photos though I transposed the sign side of the road sign, so if you are travelling that road, you will have to stop when you see the Bark Hut Sign to go and read the regulations sign, - Boy I save you a lot of work.

I case any of you are into Fishing, then Darwin - The Northern Territory is the place for you, they got Barramundi "the best fighting fish in the world". I used to say that with the same credibility that Texicans have when referring to the size of their state, you may have heard of Texas, a small place nearly as big as one of our cattle stations (Ranches) The Victoria River Downs Station. Anyway one day I ran into a visiting American Marine out here on exchange, who I invited fishing, He demurred saying that being a champion Bass fisherman back in his home state of North Carolina, it wouldn't interest him - but he cane along. So to teach him a lesson I took him to the Cooroborree Billabong just off the Mary River near Kakadu and out onto the floodplain. An hour and a half after setting off he had landed his first Barramundi twelve and a half pounds. His only statement was "I hate you - cause Bass don't hunt for me no more" he kept on raving about the thing fighting like the devil, he was worried when I slit it's bottom lip ran a rope through the slit then trailed it behind the boat. But when he caught a 17 pounder, I told hime the boat rule was one fish per-day! He was all for letting the big one go as the other would have been half dead from dragging behind the boat for about four hours, so i told him to slip the rope, took the fish about a minute to realize that it was no longer restrained, then like a flash of silver lightning it was gone, we went back to the Barracks where one of our friendly cooks prepared for him what he referred to as the best fish meal he had ever tasted.
To my knowledge he still spends all his vacation time out in the Northern Territory hunting Barra.

Oh yeah I nearly forgot - The Theme! (Before Boomer cries foul again) The fishing regulations show what the legal daily limits are in the abundant fishing spots adjacent to the Bark Hut are, and you can cook those yourself, or if you are lazy like me they will rustle you up a delicious Outback meal right there! (And you can have a cold beer with it if you really insist) I knew I could get back to the topic!


Anonymous said...

At first I thought you might be advertising for your business and then I thought it might be your residence because there's always a lot of barking coming from your hut:)
Sorry, couldn't resist.....Oh, I will have a beer if your offering!

Chesney said...

Pass me a beer, but no fish, I don't do sea food! :) My dad is an avid fisherman - I just may send him your way...

lijola said...

Whew! Almost got whiplash trying to figure out how the theme worked into this. Hey, I'd love to go fishing, and cook & eat it, too.