Tuesday, October 27, 2009

#199-365 No Exit

This one doesn't match the theme anywhere except in my head (Scary Place I Know). I snapped it when I was on a small meander with camera, this is a waterfront property, which to my mind was in better shape than some of the "Older Beach Cottages" that abut it, and although there is a sign cautioning that asbestos is being removed there was no sheeting evident nor was the sole person in attendance wearing a mask or a shirt for that matter.
I just wanted a photo of a house that I would love to have the opportunity to live in (I had thought so on many occasions) being ripped down well before it's prime (or it's neighbours). Just after I got the shot, the shirtless guy came running across the road, demanding to know what I was doing, I held up the camera and did my best Homer Simpson impersonation. He said why do I want a photo of that so I basically repeated what I have written above, he then said something I found strange, "I don't think my Uncle wants you to take a photo of his house"! I wittily retorted "Whose your Uncle when he's at home - which he obviously isn't"? I was given a VERY Big Wig's name in the Regional Council, so asked if he was building a bigger beach-house now that he has been promoted, the answer came back unguardedly that "No it is being developed"
That wasn't what I would have said in his position, and that is the gripe, a perfectly good (It Seems) house is being developed in a quiet cul d'sac by a bloke really high up in local council. When I first moved into this area there were height restrictions on waterfront construction for the length of the peninsula. I suppose that the papers would say that they have been eased somewhat, but I guess the fact that the politicians own the properties along the foreshore would explain the 20 - 30 storey monstrosities that now block the view for the rest of us "Poor People" and as far as I can see there is no Exit when this sort of thing goes on. I Hate it!! I suppose next I will have to pay to walk in front of their big developments, if they don't build right over the footpath, and as for taking photos, guess I will be shot - Makes me almost wish I was back in George Orwell's 1984!

The shot has been quite extensivelly cropped so that no individual has been identified, I thought it best for my own protection as a request to delete the shot was made but this time I declined, and I wonder if the open trailer out front was going to be used to shift the Asbestos that was reportedly being removed from the site??? HHMMMMM


Chesney said...

So, that kind of stuff doesn't only go on in good ol' Nebraska? LOL It is amazing what rules you can break as you climb the ladder.....makes me wonder sometimes what kind of voice we really have! Excellent theme choice for the image - I'm only saying this once! "Well thought out"! :)

John said...

ah, photo journalism. We have the same problem in Halifax with more and more monstrosities getting around the city bylaws and blocking the view of the harbour.

lijola said...

Heavens...almost sounds conspiratorial. Be careful! I think you did a great job interpreting the theme.

Anonymous said...

As I started reading I thought "no exit from inside your head - a scary place indeed!" I do hope we don't find that you're finishing this challenge from the library at the local jail! Watch out for those big mucky-mucks - don't want to have them cart you away.