Wednesday, January 21, 2009

#357-365 What's for Dinner

This offering (Excuse the pun) is just another vehicle for passing on my own experiences and opinions, but the central figure here represents a Wallaby, which to my knowledge comes in a wider variety of species than does the Kangaroo. They are everywhere throughout Australia and to my mind much tastier than Kangaroo, different flavour. The other culinary item depicted, Goanna, Monitor Lizard is also a staple but on the four or five times it was offered by friends wasn't to my liking although I admitted it would keep you alive. The one occasion that I ate my full of it was on a three man exercise in the Kimberly (Region of Western Australia), when the resupply didn't eventuate and we were all pretty hungry for a couple of days. Luckily I was watching when out with friends and eventually snagged a couple of lace monitors (A Bit stringly but what do you expect it's desert) threww them in the ashes and maybe overcooked them a little. They were tasty, because I was hungry I guess. I will be honest though, there were a lot more wallabies around than goanna but I could not have caught one if my life had depended on it, maybe with a rifle but we didn't have one. Gotta respect natural born hunters. I qualify as a supermarket hunter spot a bargain a mile off.

No to clear up a few misconceptions that I may have caused you all to have. Firstly Australia is HUGE! The sixth largest in landmass in the world, USA by comparison comes in third about 1.7 million hectares more, but the thing is Population density and I am not talking India or China whhich must be shoulder to shoulder. TV depicts the US as wide open spaces with towns and citys sprinkled here and there. the population density of USA is 38.6, where as Australia is 2.7.

That means you can actually be alone out here, in the majority of places no less! (It is THIS I LOVE). The fauna has a large amount of danger to it if you tangle with it, (Generally don't is a good idea). The land itself can have inherent dangers, in the North a full day in the blazing sun without adequate protection or water WILL kill you (The sun on its own can do that). For those who have seen a show called the Bush Tucker man (That is basically womens Law that he is trying to pass on by the way) in the first two episodes had featured plants that are important for sustaining life in the centre of Australia but you do have to know when to pick and eat them or at least how to prepare them PROPERLY, or you may not die but you will get sick.

Have I scared You??? It was never my intention to do so!

This is the most wonderful place on earth populated (Sparcely) by the friendliest people on earth. Come over if you have the opportunity you will LOVE IT! but be warned there is one serious danger - YOU WILL LOVE IT!!

I have so many friends from the Northern Hemisphere who came here for a visit and just never got around to going home. One mate who calls himself a Southern Canadian - Well at least he did under George W. That may change now has been here for over 25 years and has Australian Citizenship (You know that is for keeps), we are inundated with poms here so they can stay in England and enjoy their Warm Beer, Yuk. But every nation in the world is represented here and most of them love being Australians _ Maybe this post should be National Pride.

No the animals have their danger, treat them with respect, the bush has it's danger, treat it with respect, the water has it's danger, treat it with respect, the weather has its danger - Melbourne if you don't like the weather - wait 10 minutes it will change.

In case you didn't guess I LOVE THIS PLACE TO BITS!


Anonymous said...


That is obvious. And great for you. My late husband and I once thought of emigrating to Australia. We figured the kids would love it too.

Now that I am older, the heat would be murder for me. But the allure is still there.

I've eaten lots of things, but never lizard or kangaroo. Yet, if it was a matter of survival, I could. Do not think I could eat grubs though. And I know your bushmen do eat grubs.

One more Aboriginal photo to go and then you are on your own?

Anonymous said...

Ron, we are all grown-ups - you can tell us how you really feel ;-)

Edmund said...

Ron, I love solitude and open spaces. I have often said I was born 100 years too late. Nice theme and great image and history.

Anonymous said...

I appreciate the stories behind the photo, keep it up!

Chesney said...

Your enthusiasm definitely shows! Another fun image, but really, eating wallaby and lizards, hmmmm, think I would have to be on the show Survivor to do that! LOL

top5cats said...

Really love all of the art you have shown, its looks so interesting and tells such great stories. I think your passion shows for the place you live, you think you could do something about lowering the cost of travel to your part of the world, LOL, I would love to visit.

Sunny said...

Your love of Australia shows clearly in every comment you make and every photo you take!

(Hey, that rhymed! I'm a poet now!)

Anonymous said...

I love your stories and the accompanying photos! But I have to say that I never imagined I'd hear (so to speak) someone say that a wallaby was tastier than a kangaroo! LOL In a photo challenge no less! Thanks Ron!