Thursday, December 17, 2009

#075-365 Dessert

We went to Sally's son's place for an early Christmas gathering, as they are headed to Sydney next week. You may find it hard to believe but there was too much food and we all won't have to cook for a week, Love leftovers.
In any event Bridget brought out my dessert, minus the Cointreau' (Imagine running out of Wild Turkey) but she grave me a wonderful surprise with it, this wonderful carved Komodo Dragon from Indonesia (Bought at the Hari Krishna shop) the paper padding on the feet is to protect the slender carved claws. I think I have identified the wood as being Palm Tree wood (The Hari Krishnas were very insistent that it was from a renewable wood source) so that fits it was as light as but felt compact at the same time, smell didn't help due to the stain used.
This was my big treat of the year as I tend to tease Bridget (a Little) and wasn't looking for a gift that is so nice and which feels so great to touch, that carving is so tactile, I will need to be careful though as Palm wood is very fibrous and will tend to fray out if I stroke it too much, so as they say on the Island of Komodo, Terima Kasih Banyak Bridget akan suatu Hadiah yang sedemikian cocok dan Bagus sekali.


Chesney said...

If you don't eat fast I think this dragon in going to eat your desert!

~Val said...

Wow! It looks so real! He looks like he's ready to snag your sweet treat. Lovely carving.

Sherrie said...

Hi Ron,
He's a very handsome Dragon!! The dessert looks good too! Have a great day!


lijola said...

So, that last sentence either means:
1. Don't stroke the Komodo dragon too much or he'll unravel.
2. Bridget makes awesome desserts.
3. I forgot what it means because I had too much Wild Turkey.

Clara said...

That is a fabulous wood carving. It looks so real. A great gift.