Saturday, September 19, 2009

#294-365 Something Borrowed

As I promised yesterday, here is a comparison of fairly similar shots taken with two different cameras and different lenses. Marianna, was the Lady who featured in yesterday's post (I noticed how a lot cottoned on to the fact that I drooled over the D300 - Not the young Girls - Too many sweets aren't good for you!)

Now for the stats-
D300 :1/250 :F/7.1 :200 :105mm : 4288 : 24.7Mb.
D70s :1/1250: F/8 :400 :110mm : 3008 : 5.3Mb.
Shutter speed, F/Stop, ISO, Focal Length, Pixel X Dimension, Raw File Size.
I tried to tabulate but Blogger doesn't support that so the figures relate to the descriptions below.

Please bear in mind that Marianna took her shot up near the Railings that you saw in a lot of yesterdays shot and it was earlier in the day than my shot, and mine was from a lower position some 30 yards closer to the city.

Obviously the Raw File size indicates that there is a heap more data at hand than I have to play with in ACR, but you saw that wonderful Canon Camera next to mine from yesteday's post, it also produces Raw shots of ove 20Mb and Morgan was kind enough to send me (after I had introduced him to PSE7) Now he complained about the Jpegs not appearing as great as the Raw shots, and as you do with new friends - I told Him He was Nuts! - They looked great, but in reality to my tired weary worn out old eyes, no better than mine! Different in some cases more focused and zoomed into the subject than me but I'm claiming Virgin Status for this shoot, he had done it the year before, (With a different camera - In the City).

Now the whole reason I had asked Marianna to take some shots with my CF Card in her camera was to justify to Sally that the $2,200 + for the D300 would be worthwhile, guess that backfired a bit, but it did prove to me that the $600 that I have to spend to get my second D70s fixed IS WORTHWHILE, no I exaggerate it was only $595.50.

Oh the Theme - I Borrowed Marianna's Pixels of course.


Anonymous said...

Sorry the experiment backfired, but I looks like you'll be just fine!

Chesney said...

Hey that experiment didn't backfire - you saved yourself a lot of money for new lenses!! LOL When you tell Sally how much less the lenses are I am sure she will be jumping up and down!

Danudin said...

Actually, I will buy a D300 When I Win Lotto, but it will be accompanied by the best wideangle lens I can get, but now we are talking real big bucks. Just keep those donations rolling in Folks! (Especially Real Estate Tycoons)

Anonymous said...

Two grand is a lot to lay out for a camera, and especially if you are on a budget!!!! Have you tried the hock shops yet? Might get a bargain there.

lijola said...

Isn't one of the commandments not to covet thy neighbor's camera, or lenses? Seriously, this is a nice comparison of cameras. Enjoyed your comments, and bless Sally!

Debra said...

Experiments can be risky. Love the skyline shots!

Clara said...

I seriously want a D300, but I have to admit that the D80 pic looks just as good or better.

Anonymous said...

I don't know anything about these cameras, but the D70's image does look much richer. It's good to experiment- you'll always learn something (even though it might not be what you wanted to learn...)