Saturday, December 19, 2009

#077-365 Discounts

It was about midday when during ny last trip to Sydney, when coming off my walk across the Sydney Harbour Bridge and saw this "Typical 1930-60s" Aussie Pub (The Glenmore Hotel) nestled in the Rocks area directly below the Bridge and thought wow great views from the roof. (The pub is just to the left of the two dark pine trees)
I took this shot to illustrate that view somewhat, but when I got down to street level there was a sign outside the pub saying, "$10.00 Steaks - Mondays Only" and guess what? - it was my lucky day. When I had placed my order with "Carol" the "Barmaid" an effervescent young Canadian from Alberta, who really loved her job, as it gave her a chance to "Shoot the Breeze" with everyone!
As she turned to commiserate with a British backpacker, who was drowning his sorrows at his partner, having spent $250.00 just to walk the arch of the Bridge (already reported), Carol said "why don't you take a seat in the Beer Garden on the roof - it isn't crowded today and it is so much cooler:!
So up I go, (Two other patrons) and at a guess, some of the best million dollar views across Circular Quay, The Opera House and off to Mrs Macquaries Chair and the Bridge looming large behind, Carol brought up the steak, nearly covered the plate and smothered in mushrooms, still whole, steeped in the richest darkest and most delicious butter sauce you can imagine. Following a short chat I got stuck into a really sumptuous repast, that at just $10.00 constituted not only a "DISCOUNT" but an absolute bargain! Not often I get to say "Thank Heavens it's Monday" but in all honesty the people of Sydney are crazy, why wasn't the crowd at that Pub shoulder to shoulder, ah well their lose it made my discount perfect anyway!


lijola said...

Now that is on heck of a bargain: outstanding views, great steak, and a story for just $10. Nice!!

Clara said...

A great story, Ron. I would absolutely love to eat a $10 steak in a place like that!

~Val said...

Sounds delicious...and a great photo to match!

Sherrie said...

Hi Ron,
Great discount!! My son would have been there with bells on. He's a steak lover for sure! Have a great day!


EstherF said...

I do wonder if the steak would be cold by the time I finished taking photos of the view. But of course you would have your priorities right and finish the steak first, huh?

Chesney said...

Isn't it funny how food tastes so much better with a discount??