Friday, October 2, 2009

#038-365 Button

Now for the pain - I have to admit to a common human failing! I am swayed by a pretty face and it drives all thought of common decency out of me!

This beautiful White Wolf, (well not really but so reminiscent of one) is Named Buttons, and his owner was resigned to the fact that everyone wanted to Pat him as I did, but on hearing his name he was also willing to wait so that I could ready my Nikon 3100 P&S camera to get my theme photo, and this is it!

The reason for my shame is that, having finished shooting and gushing over Buttons (You would have too) They were off but as the dog in the back went past I gave her a pat too, at first she startled and I thought I had moved too quickly, so apologized. The owner said "Oh it's alright, it's just that she is no used to being patted when Buttons is around", (I think Bette Midler sang a song about this phenomenon) so I called her back and boy did she respond positively to a good scratch and being made a fuss of, and in fact was a much more affable dog than the aloof Buttons who watched on disdainfully while all this was going on. My shame is that I failed to obtain the second dog's name and my callousness will haunt me for ages to come. When it came time to go though, the second dog held back near my legs and had to be almost dragged away to continue the walk, it must be terrible to be the understudy!


Chesney said...

Poor old no name dog! There is nothing like playing second fiddle to Buttons I am sure! I am sure you are guilt ridden....LOL

Sherrie said...

Hi Ron,
They are both beautiful dogs. Well, at least you gave the second one some lov'in. Have a great day!


lijola said...

There's a lesson here.

Nifty and lucky catch for the theme.

Anonymous said...

On the internet no one knows you're a dog....