Sunday, August 23, 2009

#189-365 Moving

I have had big trouble looking at Wordpess posts today (Obviously Blogger isn't playing well with others again, So rest assured I will go back and try again and again Took seven attempts to comment on Bloomer's Bicuspids. Bear with me. This shot shows a Hermit Crab going about his business and you can tell that he is moving. The reason this is coming out today is that I am back home barely recovering from my exertions to bring you the best that Paradise has to offer. I climbed to the top of Wild Horse Mountain (A Lookout just off the Bruce Highway giving spectaculr views of the Glasshouse Mountains) now befor anyone sends in complaints about this having nothing to do with the theme - Give me a chance to explain.
We were told that we could drive to the top of the Lookout, (this information was false) For Sir Edmund Hillary and his ilk the climb would be nothing, but much as I am 17 years of age in my head, Chronologically I'm bloody near 60, and the body can't do what it was once capable of! Sally being a woman declined at the "get go" to even consider the TREK (Notice the Capital Letters), but hey I'm a man!
Two thirds the way up (after about four stops to get my breath back and to stop my calf muscles from screaming) I though "Why didn't I just listen to Sally" - I thought after the By-Pass surgery several years ago - "I Had Made A Big Mistake". In all honesty the last third of the trip was even harder and I needed at least 15 minutes recovery time at the top before I felt that I could hold the camera without shaking. Then I got some shots which I hope will show the views spread out before me to good effect. I will know when I have time to process them and hopefully show them to you all.
Now back to the post - That Hermit Crab - It would have zoomed past me as I neared the top of Wild Horse Mountain, and the breeze would have cooled me down a heap. Mind you the trip down was a doddle and I was able to turn around and get some shots of the inclines I had conquered before (when breathing was all I thought about and never considered photography) plus any shots I do publish showing my adventure were all taken on the way down when the air flowed free.
That is one thing scratched off my list of things to do before I die (Thought that could have been today) but in hindsight I am so glad I did it, mainly for the view and subsequent shots I think I got, but deep down just a tinge of Male Pride that in testing myself physically I came through, Yes I was badly winded and my muscles will cramp up and give me hell tonight, but once recovered I felt none of the symptoms that had assailed me when I had my Heart Attacks and that is a fact that I will wear to my scheduled Doctors appointment tomorrow, just like the Hermit Crab wears his shell.


Chesney said...

Great take on the theme and wow, I am impressed w/ YOUR movement! When we were in the grand canyon the boys talked us into hiking down a ways. Ha! what a joke! We made it down about a mile and a half and looked up - to get out of the canyon we had to hike straight uphill. It took Scott & I about 25 minutes to get down - but an hour and a half (without breathing) to get back up! The boys jogged it -talk about feeling old LOL!!

Anonymous said...

Still laughing!! This is priceless. Since I didn't know you had a heart attack and bypass surgery, now that I do know, I'll go easier on you! :D

Love the notion that the hermit crab would have zoomed past you and the breeze would have cooled you off.

Good job. Am anticipating views of vistas that only you can visit upon us!

I can relate to your climb of the mountain. Not that I have done so recently, but I did in my younger days. Now, just to get from the car, do some shopping and return is a major undertaking. :D

Sherrie said...

Hi Ron,
Glad to hear your OK after that trip up the mountain. I would have never made it. My knees would have given out on me. Great shot, very sandy! Love the textures going on here! Have a great day!


Anonymous said...

What a guy will do just to get a few shots for a blog! Hey Ron, you should have strapped your camera to the back of the crab to lighten the load:)
Can't wait to see these photos...can you spell i m a g e s t a b i l i z a t i o n. LOL

Lorri said...

Love the hermit crab, Ron. I had never thought of them as being local to Australia. And glad to hear you and your heart survived the walk. Well done!

Clara said...

Love the story, Ron. I know how you feel, hiking at high altitudes. Hiking in the Rocky Mt. National Park was very strenous, also.

Kim said...

Nice fine detail in this photo! Great job!

lijola said...

Glad you made it back down. Whew, what a story. Great textures in crab shot.

Anonymous said...

I don't know if i like the texture of the photo or your story better.

Anonymous said...

I'm SOOO happy you lived to tell the tale! Love the texture on this shot - for some reason, I find it very pleasing to look at!

PS - was that a shameless bid for sympathy disclosing your by-pass surgery? :)

Anonymous said...

Catching up a bit here - I'm glad to hear that you survived your expedition! Quite an exhilerating read - I'm with Sally when it comes to such shinnanegans.