Wednesday, December 23, 2009

#132-365 Growing

If you are able to see the jpeg name for this you will see that it has a -1 in the name, reason I thought -2 would be so much better, well I have taken quite a number of shots that cover this theme and a few of them good, but none better so we will just stick with old No 1. I did take one of my pot belly, but that wasn't interesting, you couldn't even see my feet (Wonder if they are still there).


Chesney said...

Your #1 is drop dead gorgeous - especially with all that green (I didn't know that color still existed)! :)

We are supposed to be hit w/ another 12 - 18" of snow on Xmas Eve & Xmas - there goes the travel plans....I guess at least we will have an even whiter Christmas! :)

Sherrie said...

Hi Ron,
Beautiful picture! I have the same problem with my feet. Can't see them because of my tummy being in the way! Have a great day!


lijola said...

Very nice bokeh, too.