Thursday, November 12, 2009

#145-365 Hearts Desire

This may be just a bit of whimsy on my behalf, but I am a white guy in a land where racial tensions are supposed to be strained. I have displayed my respect for the culture and life led by Australian Aborigines (as well as most other nations on Earth), but was pleasantly pleased to see the two flags depicted flying boldly side by side here, atop a building in Kirribilli, one of the most affluent suburbs in Sydney. To see the two flags flown like that (and both enjoying the same breeze) as I started my walk across the Harbour Bridge, really put me in fine fettle as I saw it as a positive sign for future relations. I won;t go on about this as I feel that it is just another case of the noisy wheel getting the grease. There are good and bad on both sides, maybe with time the majority on both sides will just ignore the trouble makers and just Get On as All us Aussies should.


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lijola said...

Great photo of the flags and a great sentiment.

Chesney said...

What a wonderful symbol of times to come, soon I hope! :) You do have a good heart, Ron! (I am only saying that once)..... :)