Saturday, October 3, 2009

#182-365 Memories of Childhood

I got taken right back by this shot, not only did it have me slipstreaming back to my childhood, but it kept me riveted for the whole performance. So much so that this was the only shot I got, and was lucky enough to catch this getting caught up in the story and yelling "Oh No You Wont!"

I thought that young kids today would be far way too cool (or sick or whatever the word is now) to become so involved in a Punch and Judy Show. I had tried to keep the kids out of the shot (there were about thirty) but this little girl jumped into shot to show Judy her support (They must both be WoW Systers) True classic last forever I guess.


Anonymous said...

A fun shot and how nice that puppet shows are still happening. I'm glad the girl popped up and I'm glad she has those fun dyed streaks. A really nice shot.

Chesney said...

I used to love this show, and for your info, when the boys were little they loved it too (now if you would ask them right now they would probably run LOL)

BobbieCoughlin said...

In the end, kids love anythig that engages their imagination--like a puppet show.

lijola said...

So true....I like the girl as part of the action.

DART said...

So love a good puppet show...and like a bad one! lol Whenever I hear P & J names mentioned, I am reminded of this nursery rhyme:

Punch and Judy fought for a pie.
Punch gave Judy a blow in the eye.
Says Punch to Judy, "Will you have more?"
Says Judy to Punch, "My eye is too sore."