Thursday, October 8, 2009

#191-365 Museums

During my Sunday trip to the Da Vinci Exhibition I took the opportunity to take a few shots at a couple of the Museums close to the site of the exhibit, rather than bore you with a whole series of shots, shown idividually, I thought a collage would be fitting.
The outsides of both Museums are obvious and I have taken three shots from each museum to show what they contain, the centre shot however showed two skulls which from memory were named Tammy and Karen, but I am not sure of the order so your guess is as good as mine.
The large bird is a Cassawary, pound for pound the most dangerous bitd on earth, with their bad tempers and those giant claws, they have been known to kill. Luckily the inhabit rainforests in Northern Australia, so you are unlikely to encounter one. The Spider collection was included specifically for Chesney who has such close relations with these creatures (Keep up the good work boys) The WoW Whales seen flying over peoples heads obviously have invisible brooms.
Having spent all my money on the Da Vinci Exhibit, I didn't go into the Maritime Museum but got a few good shots of HMAS Diamantina and the Lightship Carpentaria, both now out of commission and permanently house in the now disused, Dry Dock.


Kim said...

Looks like a world of fun, Ron! I love museums and these look fascinating!

Chesney said...

Now this looks like something I would enjoy! Great collage, love seeing all the different exhibits!

~Val said...

Interesting have lots to choose from! I'm particularly intrigued by the boat in the lower right corner. Must be part of the maritime museum?

lijola said...

Great way to spend a day or two. Love the collage - shows so much about these great musuems.