Saturday, December 5, 2009

#353-365 Water

Took this shot earlier in the year, (Hoping to get a better one later) but will stick with this as I love the subject matter. The rowing club located on the grounds of a local sports oval precinct, had taken a group of "First Timers" out for Kayak Training at the end of a Local Canal Housing Estate. This shot shows the Leader (Aided by two helpers (safety)) just about to give them free rein for a mad dash to a nearby bridge and back. My thoughts at the time were "with all the negative opinions of kids today, it was great to see them involved in such a healthy, fun activity">


~Val said...

Love all the bright kayaks! As we had snow for the first time this year, I'm especially appreciative of this balmy scene.

Chesney said...

It is activities such as this that makes kids stay out of trouble! If I were in the pic, I'd be the one in the water LOL