Tuesday, December 15, 2009

#309-365 Summer Fun

Well for this guy, you would never get me up in one of them things, since my weight loss I might never come down.


lijola said...

Congrats on weight loss, but where's your sense of adventure?

Chesney said...

Hey, the less you weight the faster you'd go, sounds like an adventure to me! :)

Thanks for warming my cold and brittle bones with this summer picture!

~Val said...

Today it was 33 degrees and sleety-drizzle all day. Your image brightened my spirits - thanks!

Anonymous said...

I love seeing people do this, here they wear wetsuits! Nice shot!

Sherrie said...

Hi Ron,
I'm with you, not for the weight, just the fact of being off the ground. I have an awful fear of heights. Awesome picture! Have a great day!