Sunday, November 15, 2009

#146-365 Heirloom

No there is no stretch at all here, and it is located just down the road from the last post, it is the anchor of the HMS Sirius a member ship of the First Fleet which transported convicts out to Botany Bay. Sirius stayed on in Port Jackson (Sydney Harbour) as a supply ship, doing an emergency resupply run to the Cape of Good Hope when the colony was faced with starvation. She was wrecked off Norfolk Island whence this anchor was subsequently recovered and placed in monument close to Circular Quay! A True Heirloom of My Nation!


Chesney said...

What's up with that? No stretch whatsoever, I am really impressed! What a cool monument, love that anchor!

Clara said...

A great story. I love the shot with a tall building that completely makes up the background.

lijola said...

Love the architecture in the background. Nice selection for the theme.