Monday, January 19, 2009

#315-365 Symbols

Here is your best View of the Rainbow serpent, I have photographed on this fence, and this symbolizes well how this motif goes on and on throughout the lives of all creatures governed from or by the Dreamtime as the past (and to some extent the present and future) are seen under Aboriginal lore. It is the kernel, the heart, the essence the Inti of everything, it is everything.

Take the large fish that predominates in this shot, down here I think it represents the Grouper, in Darwin it could just as readily be the Barramundi, but in outback Australia it would just as readily depict the great Murray Cod, whose numbers are being depleted by mongrel European Carp or as you know them Gold Fish. I have seen this symbol in all those places and allowing for individual artists interpretations they are all very similar, To confuse matters though I have seen the same symbol on rocks just outside Tennant Creek in the centre of Australia and generally the desert would not support such large fish, but you never can tell.

Someone posted a recipe the other day well here is a recipe for Galah, (those noisesome pink and grey birds that flock in such vast numbers throughout Australia.) This recipe was given to me by a village Elder of the Bamaga Village near the top of Cape York Peninsula:

First Catch your Galah.
2nd: Take a large metal pot and fill it to the brim with water.
3rd: Bring the water to the boil, then place the Galah in the boiling water.
4th: Quckly place a large Basaltic type rock in the water with the Galah.
Keep boiling and topping up the water as necessary and continue to boil until the rock is tender,
then eat the rock as it will have gained some flavour from the bird, but toss away the Galah, those things are inedible.

Remember my request for respecting these people and their culture, if we all do that we may learn to respect our own too.


jo said...

Ron, we can always count on you for a chuckle. I like your recipe. :)

Chesney said...

My smile is on....I like the full view of the fence - this is really amazing!

Anonymous said...

What a fascinating glimpse into Aboriginal lore! I love the symbolization of the rainbow serpent going on and on. Beautiful photo, Ron!

mljrbg said...

Thanks for another piece of Aboriginal Lore. This is very interesting.

Anonymous said...

Ron, You are a treasure!

I like your capture of the Aboriginal art and its vibrancy. I think teaching their heritage to their youngsters is very important. We have lost that here in our country. We need to get back to our roots like these people.

Veronica said...

Delicious picture!!!
Funny interpretation of bone =)

Anonymous said...

This is a truly awesome series, Ron. Thanks so much for the education and the chuckles! Also, thanks for your comments on postings - I very much appreciate them.

DART said...

such exquisite that the fence is painted that beautiful really increases the vividness of the colours in the designs!