Sunday, December 20, 2009

#283-365 Solitary

There is some aspects of the manner in which a Cormorant lives it's life, that hold a mittor up ti my existance, and maybe to yours. Here he is getting on with his job, searching out fish, so competent in his effortless travers of the waterways, so sure of his prowess that he never seems to go hungry, but oh so often alone. Never thought about it then - was too busy, just living. Wasn't expecting to find Sally, but did - Lucky eh!
Wonder if he is just fishing or off looking for his Sally, to share his life.


lijola said...

Wonderful sentiment (getting soft, are you?). Nice shot of this bird and love the water.

Chesney said...

Wow, almost too sentimental coming from YOU! I agree that Sally is a special gal (especially for putting up w/ a guy like you)! LOL