Friday, July 24, 2009

#222-365 Paint or Painted

Also from the Farm Funtastic show, I saw this Quad Bike "Fully Kitted out" and it brought to mind some of our members such as Boomer, Silverback, Edmund and of course Iona, all of whom exude the Western Spirit for me!

It also brought to mind the great song sung by that top Country and Western singer "Elton John", yes the "Old Bouffant Buckaroo" himself, who sang the classic "Texas Love Song" which includes the words

"I heard from a friend you have been messing around - with that cute little thing, I've been dating up town;
Now I don't know if, I like that idea much - You better stay clear or I might start acting tough;
You outta town guys, sure think your real keen - Think all of us boys here are Homespun and Green.
But that's wrong my friend now get this through your head- We're Tough and we're Texan with Necks good and Red!"
and so on and so on!

This vehicle seems fine for "West of the Pecos", but why do we need it here in Australia, where Gun Toting is against the law.
Still a fun photo.


EstherF said...

Now that is a serious gun case! Looks like you are learning about us Texans and our love of guns. Well, I claim to be a Texan. I say "I'm from Texas; far away from!" I was only 8 years old when the family moved to Seattle "for my father's health." Even at that age I was aware he had recently started packing a gun. This is a very colorful photo!

Anonymous said...

Yipes! Your processing is smoking too!

Chesney said...

Incredible colors - love this one!

lijola said...

Having been born and raised just on the west side of the Pecos, all I can say is, YEE-HAW!

Vita Stunder said...

Beautiful colours!!!

Clara said...

Great bright colors. That vehicle is all duded out.