Sunday, November 22, 2009

#126-365 Graffiti or Mural

This is the first of a series of photos depicting a small part of the cultural element of our trip to the Northern Territory, I will later show some more animals and landscapes as they are beautiful, but for now bear with me as I try to tempt you to come and visit and try to be one with the oldest known culture still alive! The above Rock art is attested as being at least 5,000 years old, I have been privileged to see some that was reputed as being 20,000 years old and I have heard reports of some rock Art that has given indications of being 30-40,000 years old but I would never get the chance to eben know where that is. That Is Dreamtime, and the culture persists. So what I have labelled as Graffiti - Mural is oh so much more, the figure depicted above tell about five tales of morals and how to live, I can't do the tales justice so won't try, but the Bibinj who inhabit this land (Kakadu) have all got their rules for living from this and many more such drawings from the past. I hope I have become a good enough phoyohrapher to do this series of shots justice and can tempt one or two of you to come out to the Oldest Land on Earth and learn of your past!


Chesney said...

I'll be there tomorrow... :) I bet this exhibit was to die for, I probably could have spent an entire day in there, very cool! What did you learn about your past from the rocks (or should I be afraid to ask...)

~Val said...

You've really captured the intricate detail in this ancient art form. Very nice!

lijola said...

This is difficult to photograph (I have some photos from the Pecos River rock art caves), and your photos are really great.