Monday, December 28, 2009

#252-365 Reading Material

This photo was taken in the aisles of the Redcliffe Library, where I am a member in sometimes good standing, other times I just make good excuses when I am late returning the late books. I took this shot and a few others after I had askedone of the staff (A very junior one it seems) as when I had snapped this, The senior Bureaucrat came rushing up accompanied by an obvious security guy, who said "What You Think You're Doin?" so I answered Photography - two aisles to the left! The guard smirked but turned away quickly, and as the Head Honcho said you need permission to do that, the young Lady I had spoken to earlier, rushed up and said "I gave him permission and told him he was not permitted to photograph our patrons!" I showed the her and the guard the four shots I had in the camera - not a soul in sight! So off she went sated, but the guard lingered, I asked if he was still checking on me because of my close set beady eyes, and he said naw I was interested in that camera.
So I took him two aisles down and grabbed a DSLR book I had been looking at earlier, and suggested that he get it out and take it home, he grabbed it and said "no film?" I answered in the affirmative and he said but you used the flash how come the shots are so dark, I gave him the stock distance answer then said it was all explained in the book. He then asked well how do you get them so that people can see what you saw? I dragged him across to the magazine rack and showed him the plethora (I was in a Library) of Photoshop magazines available and said now that is another big topic. He asked if I would show him the end product and when I did he was impressed and said you got rid of all the gloom, even way down the end of the aisle where it was so dark!, Last I heard he bought a Canon (don't know the details) and has become as crazy as the rest of us! I see him occasionally off duty in the Magazine area reading all of the photoshop magazines (for free).


Chesney said...

LOL only you can turn a mean security guard into a friend... :)

BobbieCoughlin said...

Nice lighting.

Sherrie said...

Hi Ron,
That's a great shot for the theme. I'm with the security guard, amazed at how the picture looks so good!! Have a great day!


lijola said...

Very funny story! Perfect theme shot.