Friday, December 11, 2009

#271-365 Second Hand

Sorry Tammy your too late for this one - The Palisades Hotel at the Rocks in Sydney with what I can only imagine is spectacular views of the Harbour Bridge and Harbour in front and the new Darling Harbour Precinct behind, would have made a wonderful project for restoration, but I got there too late to give you a heads up on it as the renovators are in there banging away already. Hope they don't modernise it too much and for sure they have to keep the name right up on top, not neing cleaned for about 80 years has given the sign real character - My suggestion, don't clean it just cover it in a protective coat of modern make then light it properly, it will be a real feature.

I have included the refurbishment notice issued by the Sydney City Council that the couple pictured (Americans I think!) and I read with such interest.


Debra said...

Wow, love that building, very cool design. And hopefully the restoration will be a good one. Great shot!

Chesney said...

I'm always a day too late, LOL What a cool building, love the shape, hope you go back and take a picture when it is done!

lijola said...

This is a building with character. Surely they won't destroy that. Great idea for theme.