Friday, November 13, 2009

#167-365 Laundry

I have to be honest this theme had me worried from the start, but I guess Good things happen to the most unlikely of people. While on a ferry in Sydney, I noticed the house pictured above and was amazed by the number of Statues that adorned the yard, The statues was why I took the shot, but in processing it I noticed something new near the top left of photo. It is a Hills Hoist Rotary clothsline, being used for what it was designed for, i have enlarged that section and repeated it over a bush in the lower right quadrant of the photo, overlapping the frame, you can even see the legs under the clothing. Yet another case of preparation and planning meaning NOTHING - Luck will out. I still wonder why they need all those statues though.


Clara said...

I would love to have a clothes line. Clothes that have been hung outside smell so much better.

Chesney said...

Even with my bifocals I would have never seen that amongst all those statues........I now know you have good eyes (all the better to see you with, my dear)... What an image, looks like they could sell statues LOL

EstherF said...

You couldn't have done this better if you had tried. I glad you did the insert so we could appreciate how much you can hang on one of these contraptions.