Thursday, November 26, 2009

Kakadu Magpie Geese take to the Air

Just in case you though the geese by the river were statues or some such I thought that you may appreciate seeing a few on the wing, these shots were taken North of the Yellow Waters Billabong site whereas the two previous were South of that Locale, and about 10 minutes apart, on both occasions the birds were startled by something close to them on the ground, so although I saw nothing I am assuming that there was a Dingo hunting in the area and he missed with his first attempt, let them settle then had another go.


Chesney said...

That looks like it could come straight from the movie "The birds"!

Sherrie said...

Hi Ron,
Awesome shots!! It always amazes me when they all take off at the same time. You would think they would fly into each other. Have a great day!


lijola said...

I tried to get some shots of the sandhill cranes migrating, but they were too far. Like the action you caught.